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Project Incubator

What we offer?

Increasing sales can be a challenge during the first year of a business. Designing a web page takes a lot of time and achieving a good position in Google is unlikely. At DN Agence we implement a Project Incubator to help entrepreneurs grow and expand. The DN Agence project incubator allows you to develop an Online Store or a static page without an initial investment, and pay later based on the number of visits the website receives. This means that our success is tied to that of our clients, since increasing their sales becomes a common goal.

Through an action plan agreed with the client, we carry out financial advice to maximize investment and sales. Our designers will create a modern and agile website that attracts customers and achieves adequate positioning.

  • custom domain
  • professional design
  • Results-Based Payments
  • Financial advice
  • Speed and scalability
  • On-line shop
  • No initial investment
  • Increased organic reach
  • Monetization with Google Ads
  • online support
  • Monthly reports
  • long term planning


Case-by-case analysis

Our team analyzes each case to define its viability. An income projection is made and the payment of commissions according to sales is agreed with the client. We take care of our clients and encourage them to grow, since their results are the basis for the success of the incubator.


You pay according to the traffic generated

Payments are made based on the visits obtained on the page, which translates into higher sales. Each case is agreed separately, for example:

  • from 57 visits per month, 20 USD
  • from 117 visits per month, 32 USD
  • from 189 visits per month, 52 USD
  • from 305 visits per month, 85 USD
  • from 494 visits per month, 137 USD
  • from 799 visits per month, 222 USD
  • from 1,292 visits per month, 359 USD
  • from 2,091 visits per month, 581 USD

Each step in commissions does not apply until each new jump in the number of visits to the web page. The objective of this modality is to promote the growth of our clients progressively and focus attention on their development and learning. Commissions increase with each jump in the flow of organic traffic due to the increase in the costs of maintaining the service, which requires an ever-increasing infrastructure to keep up with the growing demand.


Calculate the earnings of a Virtual Store

How much can I earn with an online store? To obtain an estimate, it is necessary to consider 3 variables. First, the amount of organic traffic to the online store. Then the percentage of people who make a purchase. And finally, how much each buyer spends on average.

(Organic Traffic x % Conversion) x Average Spend = Estimated Monthly Earning

At DN Agence we enhance the number of monthly visits that your virtual store can obtain. At the same time, thanks to our professional and fast designs, we generate greater interaction with clients, favored by a great user experience. For example, a site with 10,000 monthly visits, of which 3% make an average consumption of $150, gives us the following estimated monthly profit:

(5,000 x 0.05) x €150 = €22,500

The conversion rate is the result of an excellent presentation of the products through professional photography and a detailed description of each product, in order to help the potential buyer understand how the product will be delivered to their home. A sloppy photograph and incomplete description will discourage potential purchases.

The estimated monthly profit is a key factor in the contract between DN Agence and our clients, since we will never charge above it, so that our clients have the possibility to grow without prohibitive commissions in the delicate initial stage of the venture. In other words, our service will never cost more than our clients’ income. We adapt to every need.

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marketing digital para emprendimientos

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