About us

We’re a passionate group of digital marketers, designers and developers that work together to create innovative solutions for businesses. Our diverse skillset provides us with the capabilities needed in order reach your goals!

We believe that teamwork is the key to success, which why we focus our marketing strategy on integration with clients.

We work to ensure that your voice is heard and understood. We don’t just integrate ourselves into the business, we focus on providing solutions which add value while also boosting you as an individual or company’s growth potentials. Our cutting-edge technology provides solutions for your business needs. With our CRM platform, we offer a new communication channel that avoids long email chains and centralized control. Our professionals can join clients’ teams as well as share files directly with them to avoid loss of information in the event something gets deleted or lost during transmission via this medium.

Knowing your client’s audience and the ways they behave on websites, social networks or other digital channels are important for creating a site where you can reach them. These knowledge will help us tailor our marketing strategies so it has highest impact with minimal effort from both parties-the company as well its customers!

The future of marketing is now at your fingertips. Extend your reach and strengthen connections with newfound territory. Use the information you’ve gathered to create a more personal connection with your potential customers and find out what makes them tick. Get the flexibility of our monthly reports and make dynamic decisions, reacting in advance to changes in trends.

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About us

David Nock

David Nock

Founder & CEO

I’m a Bachelor of Administration and expert in Digital Marketing.

Caroline Rojo

Caroline Rojo

Content & Strategy

Bachelor of Administration and Mg. in Marketing and Finance

Joaquin Musta Torres

Joaquin Musta Torres

Design Director

Creative. Image and sound editing. Professional photography.

Our vision

At DNAgence we want to develop the potential of our clients through a team of professionals dedicated to each project. We offer:

Personalized attention

Every client is special. And our success is closely linked to the success of our customers. That is why we dedicate the necessary time to each project, internalizing ourselves in detail to fully develop its potential.

Custom designs

With our creative design process, we help you find your voice and stand out from the competition. We help you create a unique identity through tailored branding, and we use data about your interactions to make your brand stronger.

CRM Platform

We seek to integrate with our clients as one single team. In a world where time is valuable and resources are stretched thin, our Customer Relationship Management platform allows us to fluidly interact with clients. This not only saves you money but also makes your business run more smoothly without any hiccups along the way!

centralized strategy

By combining web design, SEO strategy and social media management you can create a more cohesive plan that will ultimately lead to success.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing

Web design


Social media

On-line shop

Monthly reports

Digital Infrastructure

Email Marketing


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