About us

We are an interdisciplinary Digital Marketing team that brings together professionals from the areas of Marketing, Design, Web Development, Finance, Communication and Branding.

We focus our Marketing strategy on integration with our clients to encourage teamwork.

We permanently work on fluid and clear communication with our clients to understand their needs and fully integrate ourselves, focusing on providing solutions that add value and boost your development. For this, we offer solutions with cutting-edge technology. Through our CRM platform, we offer a new communication channel that avoids long email chains, centralizing in it both direct communication with our professionals so that they can join our clients’ teams, and shared folders to avoid loss of information. and multiple versions of the same file.

Once the channels for direct communication with our clients have been established, we concentrate on knowing their target audience and the behavior that users have on the website and social networks to discover what works, and rule out weak points, strengthening loyalty and good practices.

Discover the advantages of Digital Marketing. Increase your market and your geographical influence to expand your borders. Use the information collected to better define your potential customers and find out their preferences. Get the flexibility of our monthly reports and make dynamic decisions, reacting in advance to changes in trends.

DN Agency

About us

David Nock

David Nock

Founder & CEO

Bachelor of Administration and expert in Digital Marketing

Caroline Rojo

Caroline Rojo

Content & Strategy

Bachelor of Administration and Mg. in Marketing and Finance

Joaquin Musta Torres

Joaquin Musta Torres

Design Director

Creative. Image and sound editing. Professional photography.

Our vision

At DNAgence we want to develop the potential of our clients through a team of professionals dedicated to each project. We offer:

Personalized attention

Every client is special. And our success is closely linked to the success of our customers. That is why we dedicate the necessary time to each project, internalizing ourselves in detail to fully develop its potential.

Custom designs

We enhance the characteristics that make your brand unique to develop a design that highlights its strengths. We give it its own identity, and we use information about the behavior of users on your page to improve it permanently.

CRM Platform

We seek to integrate with our clients as one more team. Our Customer Relationship Management platform allows us a fluid interaction with our clients that makes more efficient use of time and resources.

centralized strategy

We propose an integration between web design, SEO strategy and social media management to create a coherent strategy that makes an impression on users.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing

Web design


Social media

On-line shop

Monthly reports

Digital Infrastructure

Email Marketing


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